We have an anchor

While studying for Sunday School, I came across this quote:
A permanent conviction that God will provide, is an anchor to the soul, sure and steadfast. Under its influence, though the winds rage and the tempests roar, men may outride the storm, and in due time calmly and joyfully enter the port.Family Bible Notes, Genesis 22:8
In Genesis 22 Abraham is told by God to offer his only son, Isaac, the son of promise. Abraham had waited his whole life to have this son,…and God had promised to use Isaac to bring a blessing to the whole world. It is hard to imagine what all was going through his mind as he rose up early in the morning to obey God. His faith was firmly in Jehovah – that He would provide even if Abraham did away with the one visible way that he would receive all that God had promised.
No wonder Abraham is given as an example of faith in Hebrews 11! His confidence in God anchored him in such a way that he could willingly obey such an unreasonable request.
God, please help us all to grow in faith, that we might trust You, no matter what You ask of us!