Rob and Suellen Stroup

Pastor Rob Stroup

Pastor Stroup was called to serve Rock Lake Baptist Church in January, 2018. He and his wife, Suellen, have four children. They share a passion to minister to God’s people by encouraging each person to take the next step in their spiritual journey. Their experience includes ministry to all ages, from toddlers to Senior Saints. Rob previously served as an assistant pastor in Lilburn, Georgia for 18 years and also served as a youth pastor in Athens, Georgia. Together they have gone on several mission trips and love to spend time with God’s people. Suellen loves to serve in music, children, and ladies’ ministries. Their desire is to edify the body of Christ through preaching and teaching God’s Word, and to work alongside other believers to give the gospel message in this community and around the world. 

Rock Lake Baptist is 48 years old!

How much has happened in 48 years? Well, technology has changed our lives, with cell phones, the internet, computers and tablets. The Soviet Union collapsed. September 11 is no longer just another date in the year, but now is referred to as a time of tragedy and introduced us to Homeland Security. Abortion is legal and paid for with tax dollars. Much has happened in the USA and much has happened around the world. Much has happened at Rock Lake Baptist Church, also. 
48 years ago, Pastor Tessman started Rock Lake Baptiist Church to reach the community of Lake Mills with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. His own personal testimony was remarkable, and people began to join and worship together. Since then, Pastors Diehl, Shore, Vawter, and Kobosh have shepherded the congregation here at Rock Lake, each using their own gifts and personalities to evangelize the lost and disciple believers. 
As the newcomer at Rock Lake,


Watershed Moments

There are certain moments of time when decisions are made that affect the future. We call them watershed moments. A watershed is a high place on earth, usually along a row of mountain peaks, where the water that falls as rain or snow is divided as it flows down toward different streams, rivers, and eventually the sea. If the water falls onto one side of the mountain, it flows one way, and if it falls on the other face of the mountain, it flows another direction. The water is divided in its destination. In the same manner, there are moments in our lives that our reactions send us either to the right or left, to succeed or fail, to continue into prosperity or poverty, toward right or wrong. 
God orchestrates circumstances in our lives to bring us to watershed moments. 


The Day Before the Resurrection

Today is the Saturday before Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday. Yesterday I worked all day on my sermon for Easter Sunday – what a joy to be focusing on the resurrection of our Savior all day long! I love my job:-) However, as my first time in the role of senior Pastor for a church, I have learned that preparation for Easter has to start sooner. I thought that we could start planning in February, but next year we will begin possibly even before the New Year in discussing ideas for this most wonderful holiday! In my opinion, Easter should be even more grand than Christmas for the believer. I love Christmas and celebrate it wholeheartedly, but the Resurrection of our Savior is what gives us victory over death! 
Another thought about the day before Resurrection Sunday…what was it like for the followers of Jesus the day before the resurrection of Christ?