Why go to church? 
Some people feel that church attendance is not worth the effort. “I just don’t get anything out of it” is a thought sometimes expressed.
First of all,  the Bible tell us that we should be in church, (Hebrews 10:25), but we should also be encouraged that there is more to church than just the preaching and music, more than just the church services. There is fellowship (the Greek word is koinonia) Just this past week after one of our church services, I went out into the lobby and waited to greet our folks as they left the building. To my surprise, after about two minutes of waiting, I was still the only one in the lobby!

snapshot of fellowship after the service

Everyone else was still in the auditorium talking! I stepped back into the auditorium and snapped this photo with my phone. Not a great picture, I know, but the subject matter thrills me! What a tremendous blessing to have  church people that love one another and long for fellowship. This is how the New Testament church is supposed to be – a place for building one another up, encouraging one another with godly love. Praise the Lord! I am thankful for the fellowship with God’s people.