Watershed Moments

There are certain moments of time when decisions are made that affect the future. We call them watershed moments. A watershed is a high place on earth, usually along a row of mountain peaks, where the water that falls as rain or snow is divided as it flows down toward different streams, rivers, and eventually the sea. If the water falls onto one side of the mountain, it flows one way, and if it falls on the other face of the mountain, it flows another direction. The water is divided in its destination. In the same manner, there are moments in our lives that our reactions send us either to the right or left, to succeed or fail, to continue into prosperity or poverty, toward right or wrong. 
God orchestrates circumstances in our lives to bring us to watershed moments. Cain was brought to a decisive moment when God did not accept his sacrifice. Instead of humbly acknowledging that God has the right to be worshiped as He pleases, Cain pouted. He resented God’s declaration and he resented Abel because his sacrifice had been accepted by God. God gave Cain a chance to repent, and encouraged him to do well. But Cain would not let go of his disappointment. He allowed bitterness to grow in his heart. His envy of Abel turned quickly to hatred, and soon he was murdering his own brother. Oh, what a different story it would have been if Cain had acknowledged his sin and asked God for forgiveness! But Cain “walked down the wrong side of the mountain” and ended up in a bigger mess than before. Now when God approaches him, he is full of contempt and rebellion. His response to God when questioned about Abel is belligerent and rude! How could he dare to speak to God like that? He must have decided not to believe that God was all-knowing, all-powerful, and worthy of awe. But God is all of those things, and He set things straight.
As sovereign over all, He is the God of consequences, the Lord of the harvest. If we sow to the flesh, we shall from that seed reap corruption, and if we sow to the Spirit, we shall of that seed reap life everlasting! Let’s be careful when we come to those watershed moments!