New things happening

Suellen and the kids and I are excited to see what God has in store for Rock Lake Baptist Church! We believe firmly that God has called us here, and are beginning the adjustment to life in Wisconsin. It is very different than Georgia – mostly in temperature! Shoveling snow each morning is a big change from life in Georgia, and we have had the chance to walk and drive on a frozen lake. It is neat to observe that people are different in other parts of the country in the way they talk, but they still have the same basic challenges in life.  (Very few folks up here say, “Y’all”) Cokes are “pop” or “soda” and donuts, cheese curds and sausage are everywhere. Root beer and ginger ale are made locally, and snowmobile crossing signs are more frequent than stop signs. It has been a lot of fun to notice the differences. There was an ice festival last Saturday in town and ice sculptures were done all along the sidewalks. On Monday, none had even begun to melt. There has been a great spirit among the people at church, and we are already beginning to feel at home with the folks here. We are praying that the Lord will allow us quickly to minister to the  heart needs of the folks here in Lake Mills and the surrounding communities.