Our Missionary Family

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Charles Amell – South Dakota  Northwest Baptist Missions

Keith Bloyd – Italy  Baptist World Mission

Basil Bond – South Africa  Rock Lake Baptist Church

J.J. Cheloudtchenko – France   Baptist Mid Missions

Joe Clapp – NYC   International Board of Jewish Missions

John Clapp – Palau  Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Craig Comstock – New Zealand  Baptist World Mission

Peter Doolittle – Brazil   Central Mission Clearinghouse

Tom Ebert – Milwaukee  International Board of Jewish Missions

Mike Fiocchi – Albania  Baptist World Mission

Neil Foerster – New Mexico

Paul Harmon – Uruguay  Baptist World Mission

Les and Jen Hill – Ireland  Baptist World Mission

Mike Holmes – Wyoming   Baptist Youth Mission

Matt Hudson – Ukraine  Baptist Missions International Inc.

Marc Hynek – Costa Rica   Gospel Fellowship Assc.

Earl Jessup – USA   Baptist Church Planting Ministries

Ferrell Kearney – U.K.  Baptist Missions International Inc.

Dan Kowach – South Korea  Baptist World Mission

Tim Manes – Uganda  Baptist Missions International Inc.

Gedeon Olah – Hungary  Baptist World Mission

Wesley Oliveira – Florida  Baptist Mid Missions

Aaron Peterson – Germany  Baptist World Mission

Tim Peterson – Germany  Baptist World Mission

Carolyn Price – Bolivia  Baptist Pioneer Missions

Jonathan Rehfeldt – Uruguay  Baptist World Mission

John Raehl – Brazil  Baptist Missions International Inc.

Manuel Rosa – Spain  International Partnership Ministries

Bruce Schwalbe – India  Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Assc.

Ben Shore – Scotland   Baptist World Mission

2 Families in Limited Access Nations